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If you are experiencing any issues with your roof, such as leaks or visible damage, it’s important to consider whether repairs are necessary. Roof repairs can be a more affordable option than a full replacement, especially if the damage is confined to a small space. As skilled Tallahassee roofers can often remove and replace torn or damaged shingles, and inspect for signs of moisture or water damage before they lead to larger problems.

Tallahassee is a very rainy city.  If you’ve noticed water stains inside your home or an abundance of shingle granules in your gutters, it may be time to consider roof repairs. It’s crucial to inspect your roof frequently to catch any issues before they escalate, and to evaluate the cost of repair versus replacement before making a decision.

What Do Roof Repairs Usually Consist Of?


The first step in any roof repair is to inspect the damage thoroughly. This will help us determine the extent of the damage and advise on what repairs may be necessary.


Once we have identified the damage and diagnosed any additional problems the next step is to provide you with a clear and concise quote.

Cost Analysis

In some cases, it may make more sense to replace your roof rather than performing costly repairs. Our professional technicians will advise you of pros and cons to each decision without pressure or overselling.


First, we treat every customer's home with the care and respect it deserves. Work is done to our proposal's specifications by licensed and insured roofers. Once complete, we will clean up the job-site to the state it was before we arrived.


All of our work carries a lifetime warranty. GutterHawk proudly stands behind our work.

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4.9 Stars - Based on 623 User Reviews
  • Great job adding gutters to our carport as we requested. The technicians did a great job and were quick and efficient! 2nd time we have had Gutterhawk add gutters for us!

    Wayne HarrellWayne Harrell
  • Gutterhawk employees were efficient, timely, and professional. The gutters are beautiful and perfectly match the previous front gutter that was already there. The gutter job was completed neatly, and in a timely manner. I recommend Gutterhawk to anyone searching to have gutters added to their home. You will be completely satisfied! “This was a “Job Well Done!”

    Gail FrenchGail French
  • Update May 28, 2024 had the Gutterhawk team out again to replace and improve my back gutter system and to do a summer cleaning and the team did a great job, They went above and beyond blowing off debris on roof and then tidying up the ground after and new gutter system in back looks great!

    Gutterhawk did a great job cleaning my gutters that literally had plants growing out of them! Also installed new gutters on front of house and gutter guards on all. Water going where it needs to now! Team was very nice, on time and very professional work...especially working around another project in progress that ended up overlapping. They just worked around it and still completed in timeframe estimated. .

    Anita PraterAnita Prater
  • They do good work. I was a little worried about the downspouts blocking my flood lights but they installed them in such a way to not obscure them. Also during the estimate they were cool with moving some of the downspout locations. The installers were nice. Also I got 3 other quotes on this job and they were by far the lowest despite the quality.

    Reign CrusaderReign Crusader
  • I had a great experience using GutterHawk to install seamless gutters on the front and back of my house in northeast Tallahassee. They were quick to respond, courteous, and transparent with their scheduling. They came when they said they would come, did the work for the quoted amount, and the work itself is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend GutterHawk, and I would gladly use them again.

    Andy HanerAndy Haner
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